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Finn White-Thomson, a London-based filmmaker and recent MMF volunteer, has been awarded the 2017 Sylvia Earle Conservation Award by the My Hero Film Festival team for his short film about our Future Ocean Guardians program in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique. The film tackles the issue of plastic waste and the importance of educating younger generations about the value of our oceans.

Barbara MacGillivray from the My Hero Film Festival team commented: “The #1 is Bazaruto Ocean Guardians from Mozambique. That is a real grassroots endeavor which is raising awareness locally about the importance of saving the ocean in a community that is dealing with probable poaching from large international boats as well as mindless local fishing to sustain local communities.  To see the children all working on picking up after the fishermen and learning about the importance of their life-giving ocean was wonderful to watch despite being such an uphill battle.”

Honored to find out his film had won the award, Finn said: “It seems more and more the power of visual storytelling is becoming an integral part of conservation, giving people the chance to see different communities and hear people’s stories, and to witness how they are doing their bit to change to the world for the better. At the click of a button, you can be alongside them, share their experiences with friends and be inspired to help protect our wonderful planet.”

Finn has created films all over the globe, specializing in online short films and broadcast documentaries. He has a special interest in conservation and believes visual storytelling is one of the best ways to ignite change in the world. Last year, he joined MMF for three months in Tofo, Mozambique, where he produced over ten films and also worked with CNN Inside Africa on a feature.

The film festival will be held on November 12th 2017 in Santa Monica, USA.