Bikinis can’t save the world, but the women who wear them can!

This summer, help save vulnerable marine species by wearing the latest trend in swimwear with stunning MAGDAKINEDESIGNSIsabela Top (84 USD) and Isabela Bottoms (70 USD). Each purchase returns a four per cent donation to the Marine Megafauna Foundation in order to support the research and protection of our ocean’s gentle giants.

Dedicated to ethical fashion, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS’ pieces are created from high-end Italian fabric made with ECONYL® Fiber; a regenerated nylon made from recycled carpet fluff and abandoned fishing nets. The nets are retrieved by volunteer scuba divers throughout the world including in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Croatia. Owner and designer, Magdalena Berger, creates all the original samples of her unique and limited edition manta ray bikini cuts in-house at her studio in Puerto Rico and these are then sent to California where production takes place in a family owned and operated factory.

This elegant two-piece bikini set, which features graceful drifting manta rays on a luxury Caribbean green recycled fabric has the following features:

  • Reversible giving you more options
  • Seamless for a more flattering and comfortable fit
  • Lace up bikini top back provides adjustability in a unique way
  • Sport-bra style front giving you more coverage during activities
  • Elastic under-boob giving you better breast support
  • Moderately cheeky bottoms for the perfect exposure
  • No uncomfortable hard pieces for more comfort
  • Mesh sides provide flirty breathable texture that won’t fall off or come untied
  • Recycled fabric made from abandoned fishing nets
  • Made in the USA for you, the eco-elegant goddess

Donations from MAGDAKINEDESIGNS’ Isabela range benefit MMF’s projects worldwide and help fund outreach programs to local hotspot fisheries who target Manta Rays in unsustainable numbers.

MMF’s vision is a world in which marine life and humans thrive together and we aspire to attain it by saving threatened marine life. The charity’s target group is marine megafauna, which is vital to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. When ocean giants are protected, we also achieve an umbrella protection for a wide variety of marine species.

Magdalena Berger set up MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear in March 2017 as a way to continue spreading her passion for environmental conservation. Because she moves from coastal city to coastal city within the US every three to four years, due to her partner’s job in the US Coast Guard, setting up MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear was a way she could combine her tropical lifestyle with a cause she’s passionate about – environmental conservation – no matter where in the world she’s living.

Her prints are made digitally before being printed on regenerated fabric using environmentally safe inks. The ink itself is shipped in recycled containers and the paper used in the dye process is also recycled. While many companies in the fashion industry still use processes and inks that are harmful to the environment, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear uses a dying process which has evolved over the last decade to release zero exhaust fumes into the environment and use a minimal amount of water. What’s more, only recycled, reusable and recyclable poly-mailers with no plastic packaging inside are used for shipping, ensuring minimal waste.

Magdalena said: “My designs are much more than just a “cute” bikini. Every print, stitch, purchase, customer and partner has a story that deserves to be told. I’m proud to be able to say that my one small bikini can make a huge difference – and there’s still so much more I want to do!”

“My aim is not only to design and produce an ethical product that helps the environment but to create a more eco-conscious consumer as well as encouraging other fashion designers to focus on the environment in their work,” she continued. “In reality, it’s sad that eco-friendly fashion is a niche rather than the norm. I always like to sign my customer thank you cards with “bikinis can’t change the world, but the women who wear then can,” because it is so, so true.”

Her bikinis’ ultra-durable recycled fabrics are twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams than competitors fabrics, offer UV protection and are soft and slim-fitting. To prevent suntan creams and oils changing the color of the fabric, the company recommends hand washing in cold water, air drying, and taking extra care of your elegant piece.

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About Marine Megafauna Foundation:

MMF’s vision is a world in which marine life and humans thrive together and we aspire to attain it by saving threatened marine life. Our target group is marine megafauna, which is vital to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. When we protect ocean giants, we also achieve an umbrella protection for a wide variety of marine species. Consequently, we target coastal communities that represent the biggest threat to these species and, as a result, to their own food security. Through our 4 pillars, we provide an integrated solution: by using our research findings to educate and inspire the masses, we gather the necessary tools to provide sustainable marine conservation strategies for communities and policy makers to bring about lasting positive change. Finally, by empowering, informing and giving a voice to local communities, we help to create a generation of Ocean Ambassadors and Guardians, who cherish and understand the marine ecosystem.

For further details, please see or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For information about our local projects, you can also follow our Western Indian Ocean Facebook page.


MAGDAKINEDESIGNS is a collection of sustainable swimwear designed by Magdalena Berger and intended to embrace the eco-elegant goddess within. Our fabrics are imported from Italy and made using ECONYL® Fiber, in a process that reclaims old textiles and abandoned fishing nets to create the stretchy, ultra-durable swimwear fabric. Each print is designed by Magdalena at her studio in Isabela, Puerto Rico and inspired by nature’s most fascinating yet vulnerable species. Each pattern is then hand drawn and original samples are sewn by Magdalena before being sent to production at a family-owned-and-operated factory in Los Angeles, California.  By hand creating each print, pattern and original sample, every MagdakineDesigns piece ensures utter uniqueness and the perfect fit.

As well as making a charity donation to partner nonprofit organisations for each product sold, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear has also supported a wide range of NGOs through the last year. This has included a “Bikinis for Hurricane Relief” campaign to help with the aftermath of hurricanes in Houston TX as well as Puerto Rico, the donation of products to support the 5 Gyres Plastic Free campaign’s silent auction as well as a school fundraiser to help the Escuela Micael elementary school in Puerto Rico purchase solar panels.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.