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FAQ - MEGA Expeditions

When do the expeditions run?
We will be running 2 separate expeditions, 15-23 JUNE 2019 and 17-25 AUGUST 2019

How many spaces are there for the expedition?
There are only 8 spots per Expedition. This guarantees your trip is as intimate as your megafauna encounters.

What is the itinerary?
Please see our itinerary here: MEGA Expeditions - Itinerary

How is this different to other Expeditions?
For starters, you’re getting to explore the ocean with an MMF marine biologist as your dive buddy for the whole trip. Our researchers have decades of experience and will share their knowledge over private meals and discussions. You will also be contributing to Marine Conservation and “diving in the boots” so to speak, of a marine biologist.

Lastly, and most importantly, all profit made from these expeditions goes right back to MMF’s research and conservation efforts that you can learn more about here. You’ll have a direct impact on protecting the marine megafauna you came to see. Scuba for a cause!

How will I be contributing to Marine Conservation?
Great question! MEGA Expeditions are about going deeper and seeing the ocean through a marine biologist's eyes.

You’ll get a chance to identifying the maturity of an individual animal and distinguish between males and females
Learn more about the behaviour and ongoing research for the animals you see.

Take identification photos / Process and organise ID photos of manta rays, whale sharks, leopard sharks, potato groupers, small eye stingrays, turtles, humpback whales, which are fed into global and regional databases that tracks individuals and population ages, migration routes, etc Record environmental condition and their potential effects.

Will I be guaranteed to see megafauna?
As an experienced diver, you’ve had your fair share of "luck of the draw" dives. We can never guarantee sightings but having said that, you’ll be going out with our top marine biologists and what we can guarantee is that nobody knows these waters better than we do.

How experienced do I need to be?
Our best sites are deep in Mozambique. Everyone on the group expeditions needs to be able to go to 30m - which means having your Advanced certification.

Can I still come along if I’m not an experienced diver?
If you have your Open Water but have logged enough dives, we’ll ask you to complete your Advanced Open Water before you come out here so that you can dive to 30m with the group.

How do I get my Advanced Open Water Certification?
After completing your Open Water, getting your Advanced Open Water is easy. It requires knowledge reviews and 5 dives where you review certain skills. Look at SSI Advanced or Advanced Adventurer or PADI Advanced for more information.

Can I bring my child along?
In this case age can be a concern. If your child is under 15, even if they have an Advanced Open Water, it’s a junior certification with a shallower depth restriction of 21m, which will automatically upgrade to a full certification upon their 15th birthday. If you’d like to organise a family trip, contact us anyway using the sign up form and we can arrange that separate of the Expeditions.

I really want to come but none of these options work for me!
We understand that circumstances might not always line up. That’s okay - if you are still interested in this experience, contact us anyway using the sign up form and we can arrange a private experience to accomodate your needs.

Can I participate as a volunteer in exchange for a spot?
If you’d like to volunteer for MMF, please go through our Volunteer channel here. These expeditions are for paying customers only.

How much is the deposit?
Since space is limited we ask for a deposit to secure your spot which will be 30% of the expedition cost.

Do I need dive insurance?
Yes you will need dive insurance before participating on the expedition. Check with your insurance to see if they cover scuba diving (up to 30m) or purchase a travel insurance that covers this. We can recommend DAN - they do both dive and travel insurance.

What airports are best to fly into?
We recommend flying with Airlink into Vilanculos. You can also fly into Inhambane but the airline there is unreliable and we do not recommend LAM. Maputo is also an option but you would need to arrange your own transfer (8-9h drive to Tofo) We will arrange transfers from Vilanculous or Inhambane.

Do I need a VISA to travel to Mozambique?
Most nationalities should be able to get a tourist visa on arrival, however as this is not always guaranteed, we strongly recommend getting a tourist visa before you travel. Should you need any help with this process, please email us. Also check out Foreign Travel Advice from the UK Government.

Are there any health concerns I should be aware of?
Southern Mozambique is a malarial region. Please visit your travel doctor for official recommendations on medication and vaccinations. Generally Malarone is the recommended anti-malarial as it has the fewest side effects and contraindications for diving.