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MMF’s vision is a world in which marine life and humans thrive together and we aspire to attain it by saving threatened marine megafauna. ‘Megafauna’ are large marine species such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and sea turtles.

If you're a journalist working on a story about topics such as marine megafauna, plastic pollution and ocean conservation and are in need of statistics, information, expert comments or imagery, please get in touch with our media team who will be happy to help. We have high-resolution images and videos available and can also assist film crews on location.

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A deeper look into mobulid reproduction

Bohol, Philippines, August 6, 2018, A new scientific publication “Life History, Growth, and Reproductive Biology of Four Mobulid Species in the Bohol Sea, Philippines” has been published in the Journal Frontiers in Marine Science. The study by Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE) was lead by researcher Joshua Rambahiniarison and aimed to determine life […]

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Researchers use “biological passport” on Earth’s largest fish

Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, roam less than previously thought. Local and regional actions are vital for the conservation of this globally endangered species moving forward, according to a new study by researchers from the Marine Megafauna Foundation, University of Southampton, and Sharkwatch Arabia. Their findings are published today in the journal Marine Ecology […]

Whale Shark


Patrons will receive unprecedented access to whale shark research & conservation work Dr. Simon Pierce, co-founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), has launched a new Patreon crowdfunding campaign to help create global protection for the Earth’s largest fish: the endangered whale shark. Patrons will receive unprecedented access to Simon and MMF’s expert whale shark […]

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Philippine waters are critical for whale sharks

Satellite tag study reveals Philippine waters are incredibly important for endangered whale sharks PeerJ – the Journal of Life & Environmental Sciences A new scientific study published in PeerJ – the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences has tracked juvenile whale sharks across the Philippines emphasizing the importance of the archipelago for the species. The […]