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We simply cannot achieve the ambitious scale of activity we need to deliver without your support.

Thank you for your interest in MMF and for supporting our oceans.

MMF has a dedicated team to support philanthropic individuals, family offices, trusts, foundations and corporate partners in creating a sustainable, transformational and positive impact on the world’s oceans. We have a global portfolio of exciting programmes, from scientific research and integrated conservation activities to education of our future ocean guardians.

We simply cannot achieve the ambitious scale of activity we need to deliver without your support.

To discuss partnership opportunities with MMF and understand how you can help us achieve our vision of a world where marine life and humans thrive together, contact us at


Metric Tons

of plastic in the oceans, which is poisoning marine life and entering the food chain, threatening human health

Support specific initiatives like:

  • Underwater monitoring of the megafauna within a reef area
  • The creation of a community-driven locally managed marine area (LMMA)
  • Education programmes for future ocean guardians in swimming and conservation
  • Alternative livelihood and enterprise solutions for fishing communities to reduce coastline pressures, ensure sustainable food security and provide access to a living wage

We must act now before it is too late.

MMF scientists have made a significant impact to date, conducting groundbreaking research, educating local and global communities and inspiring lasting conservation solutions for marine megafauna.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but there is still so much more we can do. We can take our proven local approach and apply it on a global scale to achieve lasting and sustainable change. We will continue to use our innovative combination of research and community engagement activity to drive effective protection strategies.

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Join our established network of collaborators.

Help MMF continue to conduct cutting-edge research and build effective conservation strategies to protect the future of our oceans. By partnering with MMF you will have:

  • A dedicated relationship with our philanthropy team
  • Opportunities to directly support the development of global, effective conservation strategies to protect marine megafauna and ocean health
  • Invitations to exclusive events, including exhibitions, private dinners and conferences
  • Regular updates and efficient reporting on the impact of your gift
  • The chance to see our global projects first hand, with optional world class diving with megafauna and our scientists
  • Responsible investment opportunities to sustain MMF for the future
  • Opportunities to involve your family with your philanthropy and a lifelong understanding of the value of healthy, biodiverse oceans to the future of our planet
  • A voice to decide how your gift is used. You can either enable MMF to use the gift to make impact wherever our needs are greatest, or you can support a specific programme or project
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We truly value our partnerships with private philanthropists and family foundations, without whom our work is just not possible.