Our Strategy

Our Ocean. Our Future.

Our mission is to save threatened marine life using pioneering research, education, and sustainable conservation solutions, working towards a world where marine life and humans thrive together.

Research and data alone are not enough.

To achieve our mission and bring our vision to life, it is critical that we look at the problem holistically. We have identified four interconnected strategic pillars to give focus to the various roles we play:

  1. We inspire governments, global policy makers, businesses, and individuals to take action
  2. We research in pursuit of scientific data on threatened species and critical marine habitats
  3. We educate global and local communities to create and empower ocean guardians to develop long-term conservation solutions
  4. We protect marine life and their key habitats by developing effective, sustainable conservation strategies

Our strategy builds on a strong foundation.

The Marine Megafauna Foundation conducts pioneering research on marine megafauna and uses scientific evidence to educate the public and government to influence long-lasting conservation strategies.

Leading the charge at the heart of MMF, we have our founders, whose passion, dedication and expertise in the field have captured the attention of international media and inspired world-class scientists and volunteers to join our mission.

Now, more than any other point in history, we have the distinct opportunity to become both the explorers and the ambassadors of this wondrous, liquid frontier.."

– Andrea Marshall, Founder


By 2030, we will be one of the main inspirations behind the preservation of oceans across the world. To achieve this outcome, we will:

INFLUENCE international policy by sharing research findings and working with influential public figures to inspire change

COLLABORATE with other global organizations to inspire conservation action

FACILITATE interdisciplinary workshops and conferences to educate governments and build productive relationships

ENABLE our supporters to experience inspirational encounters with marine megafauna in the most amazing locations around the world

ADVOCATE for focal species globally through a multitude of channels to build and inspire a wide network of supporters

Priority metrics for success:

  • Number of people actively engaged across various media networks
  • Number of workshops and conferences hosted to educate government officials


presentations made by our scientists around the world in 2016


By 2030, we will be one of the main explorers of marine ecosystems, focusing on megafauna as our flagship species. To achieve this outcome, we will:

CONDUCT exploratory marine megafauna research

PUBLISH frequent, high-quality, conservation-oriented scientific papers

EXPAND research both in species and geographic locations to increase global impact

EDUCATE the science community by training and supporting local scientists alongside international students from top-tier universities

FACILITATE knowledge exchange by providing the necessary platforms and organizing conferences and workshops

Priority metrics for success:

  • Number of high quality research papers published (percent leading to conservation solutions; number of citations)
  • Number of local nationals trained in scientific methods


research dives made by MMF scientists across our three priority regions in 2016


By 2030, we will be one of the main educators of future generations, inspiring them to take action to protect the ocean’s biodiversity. To achieve this outcome, we will:

GENERATE appealing mass media contributions (broadcast, print and online outlets) to educate and raise general public awareness of the importance of marine megafauna conservation

DEVELOP influential messages to educate consumers about products made from endangered species

COLLABORATE with same sector organisations to share learnings and develop best practice focusing on regional and behavioural change

EDUCATE major stakeholders in our priority regions such as local community members (especially fishermen) and tourists (especially divers)

INSPIRE the next generations to become ocean guardians of the future

Priority metrics for success:

  • Number of people reached globally and locally through our education initiatives
  • Number of mass media impressions for educational content


children engaged in MMF education programmes in 2016


By 2030, we will be one of the main protectors of marine ecosystems. To achieve this outcome, we will:

LAUNCH global and local programs to advocate for effective marine protection strategies

TRAIN rangers of protected areas to protect in a sustainable way and advise governments and law enforcement on effective marine protection strategies

FACILITATE cross-border collaboration to establish and manage protection strategies in our priority regions

PROMOTE alternative livelihood programs to reduce human pressures on the ocean in partnership with other NGOs

EDUCATE local communities and governments on the economic value of sustainable fishing methods and empower them to create locally managed marine areas (LMMAs)

Priority metrics for success:

  • Population trends of our focal megafauna species

  • Protective legislation achieved for our focal species


temporary reef closure secured in Mozambique as part of our Sustainable Seas programme in 2016

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