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We can’t do this alone. We need your help to save Our Ocean, Our Future and protect the world’s ocean giants from extinction.


The challenges are great, but with your help we can deepen our impact and continue to save the world’s ocean giants from extinction. The time is now to do something, no matter how small, to help us save Our Ocean, Our Future.


Marine Species

are endangered or threatened with extinction


Other ways to get involved

Get Active

Whether you are a marathon runner or a sofa surfer, we have an event for you. This could be the year that you climb Mount Kilimanjaro or run your first 5k. Let marine life be your motivation and MMF your inspiration.

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Raise Awareness

To achieve our vision of a world where marine life and humans thrive together, we need to inspire people far and wide to take action. Help us widen our ripples by sharing our work with your friends, family and colleagues or become a trusted ambassador of the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

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From time to time MMF looks for qualified, enthusiastic people to join our growing team.

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Philanthropic Opportunities

MMF has a dedicated team to support philanthropic individuals, family offices, trusts, foundations and corporate partners in creating a sustainable, transformational and positive impact on the world’s oceans. We simply cannot achieve the ambitious scale of activity we need to deliver without your support. Contact to learn about giving and partnership opportunities.

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Additional Resources

Strategic Manifesto

2017 Annual Report